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ASNZ Invitational @ The Infirmary: Saturday 9 March 2013

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We're holding another day game at The Infirmary!

Club Members, Associates and affiliated ASNZ Club Members are welcome to attend. ANY OTHER GUESTS, including probationary members, will need permission to attend.


With recent Real-Estate issues encountered in Mega-City One, Hawkes Bay District Judges have decided to reduce one of two neighbouring blocks to rubble. With Block 01 and Block 02 Fighting to retain their homes, they're desperate to win the Judge's Favour and make those rival blockers deader'n'dead. To accomplish this, Each Block's "Residents Committee" has outlined several objectives to ensure their supremacy and survival.


Mega-city One

Mega-City One evolved out of a growing urban conurbation stretching from Boston to Washington, which took form in the 21st century to cope with the escalating population crisis in America and - due to the high crime rate - led to the introduction of the Judge system. Mega-City One was one of three major areas to survive the nuclear war in 2070, due to an experimental laser missile-defence system built not long before. Quickly growing outwards, Mega-City One swelled to hold most of the population of the East Coast, reaching 800 million by the end of the century.

City Blocks

Blocks are huge and can be considered to be a small town in themselves. Each one will typically possess a hospital, gymnasium, school, and shopping district. A citizen can quite literally live their whole lives without leaving their block. Due to the high unemployment rate, boredom is rife among citizens — this, coupled with the high loyalty citizens develop to their blocks, leads to many "Block Wars", riots (more like small wars) between two or more blocks.

Blocks are named after famous or historical figures, often with current events in mind. A typical example — shortly after the Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise separation there was an episode with block war breaking out between the "Kidman" and "Cruise" Blocks.


Mega-City One's laws are harsh, with many crimes not found in present-day law. Possession of sugar, for example, is illegal, as is the smoking of tobacco outside of licensed Smoketoriums, and coffee is banned as an illegal stimulant. The laws are enforced by the Judges, who are a combination of judge and police officer. Ordinary laws are enforced more harshly than the present day, reflecting the crime rate. Judges impose immediate sentences on the spot, usually lengthy sentences of imprisonment (or "encubement"). In extreme cases even the death penalty may be imposed, although relatively sparingly compared with the present day. In contrast many criminals are shot to death while resisting arrest, and resisters who survive Judge assault often receive a whole life cube term.

Most ordinary citizens are sent to the Iso-Cubes, tiny cells located within huge prisons. These are designed for maximum rehabilitation in the shortest time possible, but ultimately the decision as to sentence rests with the judges. Sentences are usually very long. However, the death penalty is not in wide use, and is reserved for mass murder or endangering the security of the city. In spite of this judges do regularly shoot perps dead in the course of combat.Firearm possession is only legal with the right firearms permit, which is very hard to obtain, the only real exception is in the cases of the Citidef units who may use heavy weapons (Though since Block Mania the security on these is extreme and they are only issued in wartime). However, in spite of this many firearms are in circulation, some sold on the black market while others are leftovers from the various invasions that have occurred over the past thirty years.

WHEN: Saturday 9 March 2013, 10am ready to chrono. We'll run as late as we can depending on numbers remaining.

WHERE: THE INFIRMARY (Former Waipukurau Hospital - 51 Porangahau Road, Waipukurau)


  • 350FPS with 0.2g BBs MAXIMUM! (measured with AHB provided 0.2g BBs. Hop units will be adjusted accordingly)
  • 0.2g BBs only, in ALL weapons.

  • No Minimum Engagement Distance.
  • Our standard DBAD rules also apply - and will be outlined on the day.
  • 18 and over unless organised by your Rep PRIOR to the game day.

These rules are in place for a reason. Please don't test us by trying to circumvent them.

WHAT TO BRING: Yourself, a Friend, Food and Drink, Airsoft guns and gear.

HOW MUCH: $5 Field Fee


For all those attending, we will be dividing people into Blocks on a squad by squad basis. Generally this will mean club members can maintain squad coherency, but we can mingle the club attendees between other clubs

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CTA will be there! (will send through numbers as soon as the majority of the team confirm)

Cheers AHB

So far




















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im in love the field and last game i played their will be me and nicci in the car so far

but so far 2 of my under age boy have hit me up and ive got forums under way to aid them look forward to shooting you on the day and having fun

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Hey All,

Although things have been quiet on the forum front regarding this event.... We're very much prepared for gaming. For those arriving a little earlier, we'll be open for game participants from 9am...

See you all there...


NB. First post has been updated slightly.

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Thanks to all that attended. We appreciate that you all made it an easy event to manage. We had a blast hosting you all.

Who knows, maybe we'll have even more wild shenanigans for BLOCKWARS II...

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Cheers AHB, your site is mint! I am shattered and sore but so happy and I am still grinning. Buelly, R3con, Eightball and the the rest of AHB, I thank you. Great day and well run! Only thing I found hard was re-spawning away from base but hey that's just me. Look forward to seeing you all again soon!

Cheers Chris.

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Pleasure to meet everyone and it was a well hosted event with awsome variety of objectives and the judges done a great job of keeping the game flowing just right. Can't wait for block wars 2 in that post apocalyptic battle zone. Thanks AHB and the other clubs who attended thanks KBAR for the snacks at your base:D

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Thanks AHB for another epic day at the Infirmary!

I really enjoyed the Block Party scenario, great idea EightBall. The Judges were a lot of fun, even though R3CON sent me to the cubes.

Thanks to all the clubs that attended and made the day what is was.

It was also great to have our JohnnyThunder get awarded MVP by both teams. Even if it was mainly because he screams like a little girl :)

Like me, the TAR boys that attended are keen to game at the Infirmary again... and again... and again.

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And PAC sends it's own "Cheers much" to AHB for an epic and insanely fun day at the Infirmary. We're all looking forward to Block Wars 2 and any other event you guys host! :)

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