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Day One Details

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Day 1 is primarily a competition day though allowance will be made for those not in squads and non competiton games will run throughout the day.


TAG CQB Facility

Parking location TBC

Depending on numbers attending the non competing players may be playing at a diffferent field due to space constraints.


Gates open 0800

Chronoing from 0800

Briefing at 0930

Competition starts at 1000

Day finishes at 1600

If you miss the briefing you will not be eligable to compete in the competition.


- ASNZ Top Squad Trophy

- ASNZ IPSC Trophy


Fresh water available

Toilets available

There is no power at the site

No food is provided

Team Events:

V.C. Trail:

Based on the classic rolling VC Trail. A team will push to secure objectives (defended by the house team), along the trail to score the most points before time runs out.

CQB Shoot:

Teams will take turns to clear a series of targets. Scoring will be based upon targets hit and the time taken, penalties will be awarded for targets missed. This game will test reaction speed, accuracy and team work.

Capture The Flag:

Two teams face off in a fast paced skirmish to locate and secure a flag. With no respawns and located near the main staging area, this game will offer the best entertainment for spectators.

Individual Event:

IPSC style pistol course:

Individuals will compete against the clock to score the highest points in an IPSC style course.

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