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CSG Night Game - 19/1/13

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Hi guys, just a quick note to invite you to a night game we are going to be running on the 19th Jan 2013.

Venue will be the CSG field out near Courtney on the old west coast rd

Rules and other info to follow

FPS rules will be as per CSG standard fps rules. All guns will be tested before hand. For those wishing to use a DMR or Sniper, please post with your post of attendance so I can make allowances for this in the teams. For others using anything under 350 fps, just post your attendance please

Times - Please be at the field by the latest at 15.30 on the above date.

1600 - first game will commence, which will run for around 2-3 hours. It will be a variant of some sort of VC. It will be carnage!!

This will then be followed by a BBQ dinner & Break for around an hour.

Main Game - If you only wish to attend the second game, this is fine, but please be aware of these times:

Safety & Game Briefing - 1930

Game commence - 2000

This game will be using quite a bit of the field, and I would imagine that this will run for a while. Info to follow, but there will be multiple flags involved. Comms would be great if you have them.

If you have any questions, just post or pm me.

Will be in touch over the next week with more info.



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