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FPS/Field Rules

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Age Restrictions/ Attendance Eligibility

All players attending this event must be at least 16 years of age or accompanied by a playing legal guardian. Full face protection is recommended for all players but compulsory for any player under the age of 18.

All players attending must be a member of an ASNZ club.

FPS limits - Please note these are the absolute limits. An fps 0.01j above any limit will be disallowed from the field

Hit Rules

You are hit if you; Feel, Hear, See, a BB pellet hit your person or you gear, or are Told by a Marshal.

When you are hit you yell HIT to identify you have been hit. And follow the hit rules for that game.

Bang kills

Used when the distance to your opponent is under 5 meters. To achieve a bang kill the player must have a full advantage in which the player being challenged would be hit first if any attempt was made to fight back. You must have the complete upper hand. The weapon must be in a stable firing position and aimed at the target. (i.e. not running) Bang kills must be made when the opponent is unaware of your presence, the contact must be made under control. It is recommended players attempt to eliminate an opponent from a distance where possible. When bang killed, you must follow the HIT rules. Do not call for a BANG if you are not 100% sure of hitting the target. Use their name if you can, to make it obviously clear. ie "BANG Kham" or "BANG guy with the AK47"

Bang Kills are NOT silent kills

Stealth Kill/Knife Kill

A "stealth kill" or "knife kill" is when a player is able to touch the opponent player undetected. If you are "Knife Killed" it is considered a silent kill and you follow the hit rule without yelling "HIT". Contact kills must be made when the opponent is unaware of you presence, the contact must be made under control. You may not run at a player and "tag" them, as this is not counted an undetected kill.

For clarification a fake knife is not required for a knife kill

FPS limits

Semi automatic guns (Assault Rifles and Pistols)

Max energy 1.63j (Equates to 420 fps using .2g bb)

Single shot guns (Sniper Rifles)

Max energy 2.8j (Equates to 550fps using .2g bb)

Sniper rifles must be bolt action

If using a sniper rifle you must also carry a secondary weapon that is 1.63j or less

Engagement Distances

Under 351fps - 2 meters <---updated

351-420fps - 15 meters

421-500fps - 20 meters

501-550fps - 30 meters

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Since first day is Cqb, we have updated the FPS rules

this is only with engagement distance...

would like people to bring guns under 350, but it isn't a requirement.

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