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Away cqb trip who's keen

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Ok guys got this Intel from D1,


Welly Warning Order!

Brothers in Arms Intel just to hand see below rally the WAC brothers who's coming?


Intel just to hand AHB are planning a day game at Waipuk Hospital for MMS & PAC on Sat 21st July however if we attend then it would then maybe become an overnighter (get a tracer unit if you haven't got one and stock up on glow in the dark bb's).

Now I need to let R3CON know ASAP so they organize there end if it is going to become a overnighter.

Travel there same as last time unless everyone wants to leave earlier?

So who could make it? (I'll be asking our WAC Brothers if they want to come as well.) Once I get a good indication of numbers I'll start a CTA event thread for this.

Note: don't post up Keen just YES or No.

CTA&WAC-AHB Deployment 21st July


D/1- YES


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Sat 21st July/Sun 22nd July - YES I will attend.

I can transport pers to and from if required.

Also, can use vehicle in game if allowed.

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Hey fullas, here's an intel update on the 21st game..

Operation Cyclone


The year is 1987 and Soviet Forces occupy the Afghanistan capital of Kabul.

In a botched supply drop to the Resistance, the British missed their mark and dropped supplies across this part of the Eastern Kabul.

A Soviet Spetsnaz Unit has been sent to the scene to see what Intel can be retrieved.

The CIA have sent a US Special Forces unit to help with the resistance movement and stop the Spetsnaz from getting any British intel and supplies.


The local Militia, with links to the drug trade, have been spotted in the area and may be of use….. or a hindrance.


NB- There is no weapon type restrictions for the teams, e.g. the a member of the Russian team can use an American weapon if required, but we do encourage authenticity.

US SPECIAL FORCES Team Blue (US Camo, Marpat, multicam, ACU, Tri Desert etc/Brown/Tan - AHB & associates) –

Upon arriving in Eastern Kabul your unit must set up a temporary base of operations before setting about accomplishing its mission goals.

SOVIET SPETSNAZ Team Red(any Russian Camo/OD/DPM/Woodland – MMS, PAC, CTA, WAC)

You and your comrads must establish a base for your mission inside a former hospital.

KGB intelligence has informed you that members of the resistance, possibly Americans, may be arriving to claim the resources you need.

MILITIA Team Yellow (mixture of Camo and Civ Clothes + various weapons ) – Directing Staff x 4.

Both teams are expecting the militia in the area as hostile, however they have ordered only to engage when fired upon.

All teams require in their kit:

- A kill rag each (any RED section of cloth over 40cm square is acceptable)

- 2 x 'bandages' each (a bandage is a strip of white cloth/fabric that will be used to wrap around each arm when hit)

Medic Rules:


First hit (apply one bandage): When this is complete you may remove your kill rag and put it back in your gear and you may re-enter the game.

Second hit (apply second bandage): When this is complete you may remove your kill rag and put it back in your gear and you may re-enter the game.

Third hit (both arms bandaged): You're dead! Proceed to your respawn point and wait for 10 minutes before rejoining your squad.

(During this time at the respawn, you are allowed to re-arm and re-hydrate if need be)

Note: Bleed out is 5 minutes if you hit and not reached within this time by a medic you are dead (as third hit below)

Site rules

This site IS a massive CQB field.

- ALL weapons on the field must be Semi-Auto ONLY

- FPS limits are 350fps MAX (this is not a guide)

- Use of .2's only on the field

DBAD rule

AHB follows a DBAD(Don't be a dick) rule as everyone is here to have a good time.

As some areas of the field are tight there is a chance of shooting your opponent at close range, it might be more sportsmanlike to "bang" kill your opponent.

In a situation where your opponent is within 5 metres with no obstructions and you clearly have them dead-to-rights, you may say "FREEZE" which is counted as a hit

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