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PAC Totora reserve themed game 21st Saturday

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Game at Totora Reserve.

Skirmish based on the movie Act Of Valor which portrays us Navy Seal missions and tactics and is acted by Avtive Duty Navy Seals.

Minimum of 20 Players otherwise the game will be turned into just a normal day because this is a trial Skirmish whicsh need minimum of this much players to work and get decent feedback on. (And to watch to make adjustments for future Skirmishes)

Game time: 11:30 am (11:50 start) to 5 PM Saturday 21

Team arrangements:

Two Nay Seal teams of 4 depending on number of players on the day.

Militia team outnumbers Navy Seals.

To be Navy Seal you must apply (Comment your interest or message me)

To be in Navy Seal team you need to be a team player because this event relys on teamwork for the Navy Seals. Militia will be everyone else.

Objectives will be layed out throughout the day until my plan for the day finishes then we will just play and rest etc.

kit: Navy Seals must be in full camo.

Militia camo plus item of mufti.

This event is a trial by me that I thought may be a good idea so would like feedback and whatnot after the event so I can improve for the next skirmish.

Minimum details: Teams will have team leaders (Navy Seal teams devidided into two with appointed leaders) Leaders will be supplied radios and must radio in end and commencing of objectives. Objective's are completed once objective has been aquired and you have established a secure position. Further details will be given on the day.

No FPS restrictions.

Hope all of you enjoy and most can attend because this will be a learning experience for me as an Airsofter and PAC member.

This I hope will be very enjoyable for all who attend.





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