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Defence force MRE Ration Packs here

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Got back intouch with an old employer of mine and have managed to source the NZ/AUS Defence Force rationpacks. Im happy to help anyone wishing to order any for this event.

Availiable are the 1 Day Meal packs, same ones you get in the army. 4 Menu's availaible which only affect the main dinner meal. Pack Weight 1.5Kg's, Energy 14,000Kj.

Dinner Meal Menu Items

A: Beef & Vegetable

B: Chicken Pasta & Vegetable

C: BBQ Beef

D: Pasta Salad

Price is quoted at $40 *Rounded to nearest dollar* Per Pack *Shipping included anywhere in north Island*

Shelf Life is 3 years, Orders for these to get to you by nats should be made and paid for by 4pm Monday 30th of January.

So anyway let me know if your keen.



1 x 100 g Muesli Cereal with Skim Milk Powder (just add water)


1 x 85g Instant Noodles

1 x 35g Crackers

1 x 15g Yeast Spread

2 x 13g Jam


1 x 300g Main Meal Pouch (Your Choice of menu Item)

1 x 85g Instant Noodles


2 x 15g Fruit Grains

2 x 50g Muesli Bars

1 x 55g Candy Chocolates

1 x 45g Choc Bar

1 x 85g Sweetened Condensed Milk

1 x 70g High Energy Sports Drink (Electrolyte) or

1 x 16g Sports Drink Powder

1 x 10g Chocolate Drink

1 x Coffee, 1 x Tea Bag

2 x Sugar, 1 x Salt

***Orders*** Note Menu Type cannot be guaranteed, but ill try my best to get everyone what they want

Thenightguy x 1

AAROND93429 x 1

Iceman x 2

Nighthawk x 1

Jango x 2

Woodpecker x 2 PAID

Cuppa x 3 PAID

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