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  2. No one reads these forums anymore. But still - last VC game got 52 revives as medic. Think thats the highest in the club so far.
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  4. Our Drug Prices are 70% less than your local pharmacy Our online pharmacy is the leader in delivering medications throughout the world. Our goal is to provide medications at discount rates to everyone who is affected by expensive local prices. Our company is a professionally managed distributor of generic drugs. We provide high-quality service supplying drugs all over the world. link ---> http://tiny.cc/drugstore
  5. Hi Mikie. Not sure hour many actual hours making it, alot over a two year period. Keep in mine That includes modeling it in Designspark Mechanical and learning how to use the machinery at the Halswell Mens Shed. The flat parts where taken from the 3D model and laser cut, then glued and riveted together. The rest I made on the lathe and mill.
  6. Late to the party - but that is one damn fine effort there. How many (hundreds) of hours did you spend on it? And by the level of detail, did you have a uh... something to work off?
  7. Thanks, I like them using real rates of fire.
  8. That is damn fine. That gentle purr at 2.00 sounds amazing. Nice work.
  9. The gun is made of Aluminium It has an airsoft 650mm barrel, with a modified hopup. HPA powered through a computer controlled custom built engine Rate of fire is 480 rpm Magazine holds 110 rounds. Electrics powered by a 12 volt 600 mAH battery in lower body. Initial testing on 75 - 80 psi, has it shooting at 1.38 joules, firing .4's and was firing 60 metres +. With .25's, they were over hopping with the no hop on, have been told a softer bucking may solve that. Firing hot so with turning and lighter BBs should get it down to safe levels Bren Strip and dry fire.mp4
  10. Well, got to Wellington in early December, Police and customs paperwork seems to be done - had a near heart attack when the Police cover email mentioned a rejection but it turned out that was for the magazines because they didn't need an import permit! We have moved in in Tawa and the container has arrived too and hopefully customs and MPI won't take too long so it's time to start figuring sites/clubs!
  11. Instructional Videos: More to come!
  12. On the weekend the ASNZ committee met and discussed the outdated regulations in the terms of reference outlining what people pay to attend nationals if they belong to a club that is not a member of ASNZ or a club that has not paid their ASNZ fees. They used to have to pay double but we have agreed that this is outdated and the additional fee has now been set to a flat rate of $50 per attendee. So if you belong to a non ASNZ club, or if your club has not paid their annual fees, you now only have to pay an extra $50 instead of double!
  13. *SOCIAL EVENTS* Here at Airsoft Hawkes Bay we whole heartedly believe that the social side of an airsoft event is just as important as the airsoft games, therefore at the 2020 ASNZ Nationals there will be two social events! Saturday night: Casual social event with music and food. Catered BBQ chicken and ribs with sides, party games to play and a general good time to be had! Sponsored by https://www.demolitionsairsoft.co.nz/ “We’re here for the players” Sunday night: Formal sit down prize giving dinner with catered meal of professionally BBQ'd meats in buns with salad and sauces. Speeches to be given and prizes awarded! Then followed by an epic party with lights and a smoke machine!
  14. *GREEN ROLL INTEL* Background: The Yugoslavian village of Bostrova has been the centre of a civil war spanning years. The conflict has for the most part been between the two major political factions, one backed by the Yugoslavian police force and one formed mostly by a large civilian militia. The fighting has moved away from the villages and has devolved into guerrilla warfare, leaving the towns and cities vulnerable to incursion from the multitude of small militias and terrorist cells who are trying to take advantage of the conflict to assert control of the region. Dress Code: This is a militia style game; we encourage people to dress in as little camo as possible. Webbing and vests are fine for carrying kit, but try to wear civilian clothing. Example: camo pants with your team colour top, your team colour clothing with a camo vest, etc. SITE RULES Player Conduct: (D.B.A.D Rule) Airsoft is a sport requiring a high level of integrity, honesty, and sportsmanship. As such, we have implemented a "Don't be a Dick" rule. This rule should be self-explanatory. In any situation where there is doubt about whether you are hit, it is always better to take the hit. Similarly, if you are the shooter - be quick to give the benefit of the doubt to the other player. Our goal is to provide a welcoming environment for all those interested in Airsoft. Safety: Certified safety goggles or other certified eye protection must be worn at all times in the field of play, including the admin buildings All weapons must be rendered safe when in any designated safe zone – which is the stop bank side of the gravel track A Red Killrag must be used when hit, to minimise additional hits. All instructions by Airsoft Hawkes Bay directing staff must be followed at all times. Standard Energy/FPS limits: Up to 1.14 Joules (350 FPS on 0.2g BBs) – no MED - Green Up to 1.64 Joules (420 FPS on 0.2g BB’s) – 10m MED - Yellow Up to 3.35 Joules (600 FPS on 0.2g BB’s) – 20m MED – Red (Bolt Action only) Rate of Fire: Full auto is allowed – 25 rounds per second max – DBAD applies SCENARIO SPECIFIC RULES Teams: This is a multi team game made up of 6 competitive teams plus the UN, we expect that teams will be made up of 8-12 players depending on numbers. Clubs will be kept together wherepossible. Hit Rules: Any hit to the body, limbs, or head is considered a kill. Hits to the gun being held by the player are ignored and play continues without pause. Call yourself hit when hit. If in doubt, call yourself hit to be safe. Make sure you yell hit, place your hit rag on your head and where possible act out your death loud enough so everyone knows you’re hit. There is no Bang Kill/Freeze Kill rule, but DBAD still applies (Lighting someone up unnecessarily at close range is Being A Dick). - Know your MED Medic Rules: When you are hit please remain in place with your Kill Rag on your head and start counting to 180 Seconds. Enemy players may ask for any game objectives/loot/meds from you, give them freely when asked. Any of your teammates may perform a 30 second touch medic on you by placing one hand on your shoulder and counting 30 seconds. Medics may move the injured to safe cover if required by placing one hand on their shoulder and walking them. Once 30 seconds has been counted you will call "back in" and carry on playing. If you get to 180 seconds, call yourself "Bled Out" and do not interact with other players. When dead and bled out, you will return to one of the two admin zones, register your death with the admin, then return to your team spawn point to respawn – This also applies to the UN force. Spawn points: you may set this up where ever you please and can be moved at any time during play. If shot while carrying the spawn point, place it on the ground where you were shot. You may not touch another teams spawn point. Secondary Medic rules – If you have “Meds” (party poppers) you may use these to perform a self medic – how to aquire meds will be explained later in the brief Knife Kills: If you can sneak up on someone and tap them on the shoulder before they know you’re there, that is a “knife kill” and they are hit with no opportunity to get a medic and there is no bleed out, you will immediately hand over any captured game items/loot/meds and go to admin to register your death, then to your respawn. The UN Force: The UN, along with a force of military contractors, have been called in to the region to attempt to ease the conflict – contact the UN on channel 13 for assistance The UN officers are clearly identifiable by their tri colour dessert cammo and blue helmets The UN may attempt to arrest those carrying out unlawful behaviour. Keep in mind that all UN officers are trained medics so can medic you before you bleed out The UN force, including the military contractors have access to better medical supplies, therefore have a 10 second touch medic Shop Keepers: There are two shops still operating in the bostrova region. Shop Keepers play by the same medic/respawn rules. When they are hit, they can be medic'd within their 180 second bleed out, by anybody. If they do bleed out, they will wait 20 minutes before respawning. Within this time, their shop will be unavailable, however they will still remain as admin. GAME OBJECTIVES There will be two types of objectives. All day objectives, that can be achieved at any and all times, and scheduled objectives, that have time restraints. All day Objectives: Kill enemy players – dead players will lose 5 points for their team Kill UN officers – 25 points Kill military contractors – 10 points Locate and retrieve – Locate loot – this is not worth points but can be used as in game currency that can be spent in several different ways – explained later in brief. Capture and Control – Located within the Bostrova region are three points of interest represented by a location control clock. Locate these points, and take control by powering your team’s coloured clock – your team will score 1 point per minute on each clock. Take Hostages – As an enemy player is counting their bleed out, you may medic them and take them hostage. At this point you can give the hostage orders (i.e.; sling/holster your weapon, put your weapon on safe, etc). The hostage is now your bargaining chip to do so as you please (exchange for loot, exchange for your teammates that may have been taken hostage, etc). You may not take any personal items away from hostages, including guns. Remember the UN are here to maintain order. Jail break – Your team may potentially be down players that have been arrested by the UN forces. Rescue them from the UN convoy by eliminating the guards. Scheduled Objectives: Your team leader will be handed a series of envelopes labelled with time stamps. When the labelled time rolls around (every hour, on the hour) your team leader will open the envelope and read the objective. You will have a set amount of time to achieve each of these objectives. You will need to achieve these objectives as well as carrying on with the all-day objectives. Each scheduled objective is worth a set amount of points. You may need to radio in to admin on the admin channel to let admin know you have achieved your objective – channel 20 Achieve these objectives and let admin know before your set cut off time. Currency: Poker Chips {5000 dinar} Diamonds {10000 dinar} Jewelery {50000 dinar} Purchasable Items: Meds (party poppers) – one time use, intant self medic Mercenary squad assistance Sausages Water Air refill service (players with hpa may leave their tanks here as a refill point)
  15. Details hot off the desk of Easygoer for the 21 hour milsim: "During the Yugoslavian Civil war the small, isolated village of Bostrova was largely excluded from the violence between the various Croatian and Bosnian forces that ravaged the country around them. They were however not immune to the violence from within. With no governmental oversight the police force made a move to enforce control and establish their own rules and regulations. But, due largely to their aggressive and physical methods, leading to the death of 2 villagers, the remaining people grouped together and fought back. What the fighting in Bostrova lacked in scale and numbers it made up for in ferocity and intensity." Full game details can be found in the attached file. AHB Nationals 2020 Milsim.pdf
  16. Hey Team, tickets are now available for purchase via the link below. You will need to register your attendance and pay within a week of registering. There are limited tickets available to the milsim and limited beds in the bunk rooms, so get in quick and don't miss out. http://events.csg-airsoft.org.nz/event/8
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