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  2. The Western Front is a West Coast based Airsoft club.Players of all skill levels are welcome to come try it out.Message us to find out more!
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  4. Letter or email is the general go.
  5. So i've been told you need a letter from your club for importing, is this true?
  6. I’ve been looking on forums asking around for the HK416 by VFC and I was hoping to get some input before I buy the rifle. Anyone have the gun and can tell me about it? Thanks!
  7. This is a must for CQB. Can't play without it
  8. Low power bolt and a quality optic are all I think you need for a while besides mags to get going
  9. try a HK MP7 those thing can lead to some hard ass whupping
  10. it looks super cool dude where did you get it?
  11. where did you get it? it looks super cool!
  12. Oh, that would be cool! Maybe I should put one of those on my trishot as well. Then one laser always points towards where each bb flies... Yeah, that's what I was thinking. What kind of optic do you think looks the coolest?
  13. That Avalon VR16 fits the bill perfectly, thanks for the tip. Haven't owned a vfc in a long time and they've stepped up their game since I owned their PDW
  14. VR16 Avalon is a great option if you can't afford a Umbrella Armories gun. Out of the box the avalon will outperform a LVOA (not too much, but it will). As sam said you can get better than him, but I think you meant you want a gun specifically that is better.
  15. get a green tri laser so its like the predator but in Green
  16. Optic, Light, green laser. Damn thing is accurate. If you play CQB. CQB Bolt is a must
  17. I just got this new HK MP7 and love it! What should I do to it to make it look cool?
  18. the best thing to do is to get a lot better then him so HE himself will look like a toy
  19. cool, so the avalon is going to beat his krytac?
  20. The VFC Avalon is a great gun out of the box, a little better than Krytacs, with some work it will blow the LOVA out of the water.
  21. Get the VFC HK416 or M27. Kicks hard ass
  22. The vfc avalon is the only stock gun that is better. Otherwise you'll have to be upgrading the internal parts.
  23. As we don't really have the same import issues the US has over Glocks copyright, I'd honestly say - save your cash and get a WE or similar. Their recent gen stuff is decent for the price, and there is a fair bit more options in the way of parts/compatibility. Elite Force = American Umarex, and I'm led to believe these are VFC OEM. They are okay, but IMO don't line up with the $170USD price tag. If you're going to splash, TM's are great and there's Lots of parts/upgrades available. They have been the go-to for a long time. Sure the EF's have got the nice trades etc, but you can do that with most of the other brands stock, and those that dont with aftermarket slides - At the end of the day Elite Force is just re-branded Umarex, and as such you should always pay attention to the OEM for each one, because they are not all equal. /my 2c
  24. My buddy recently got a new gun, it's a Krytac LVOA, and it kicks ass. I want a gun that will make his look like a toy. What would you recommend.
  25. loadout

    I'm a big fan of the mp7. Trying to find a TM one day.
  26. loadout

    Nah. I've never been into AR-15's because they are so mainstream. I'm just building one for shits and giggles. This gun but the pro edition (Better Externals and Internals) And I bought a short barrel and new hand guard. But my favorite compact is the MP7.
  27. The Glock 17 and 19 are really good I recommend them to anyone in the game.
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