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  2. will be there, just commenting so I can see my new nick name up lol
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    COST: $15 (normal days gaming included) GAMING JOULE LIMIT: 1.14 COMPETITION JOULE LIMIT: 1.63 Unlimited Airsoft are going to come up and help Danny and myself run a three gun competition, NAC's first ever! There will be prizes on tap from ICS for not only 1st, 2nd and 3rd, but also spot prizes. This isan OPEN INVITE to any airsofters out there. Below are the rules, but it is intended to be a fun/competitive day. So come along and show us how good you can be!
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  5. Contact them here mate:
  6. Hi There. ASA are one of the bigger clubs in Auckland. Check out their details here: If you have no luck, let me know.
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    This is open to any club member that is part of NOMAD team. Or invited by the host. If you would like to know more, drop us a message :) Setting the stage -------------------- Hosted by DOGs -------------------- -What is NOMAD? It is a different style of game. -How is it different? It is more restrictive in terms of rules. Players are expected to arrive ready. Games are more immersive. More kit required to play. -How are the rules different? For example there may be complicated medic rules. Limited ammo. -And the players? Failure to be ready on time may result in you missing out on playing most of the day. There are more rules than a normal game, full comprehension is a must. -How are the games more immersive? There are no breaks. You game on from start to finish. Eat/drink on the run. Make sure your team has your back before relaxing. -More kit? Since the games are more complicated than capture the flag you need certain things to maximise enjoyment. And give the organisers more...
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    DS: Field: H2 Field Address: Paddock Behind 143 Tuparekura Rd, South Head, 0874 ( Note this is at the end of Tuparekura road. Google maps pin ) Costs: Field Fee: $10 Members / $20 non Members (Ladies play for free) Rental gun inc BB's: $20 (Limited Numbers please post below to book) 1KG Bag of 0.25 BB's: $20 (Under trial by the Armorer limited number of bags available) All costs are cash only, no eftpos is available. -Itinerary 0900 Arrive 1000 Brief 1030 Game on 1600 Endex The day will be made up of one continuous game with no breaking for lunch. Please bring everything you need with you for the day, there will be two teams with their own bases. Standard ASA rules apply, please visit our website below for rules and safety requirements. Note: ASA has an age limit of 18 or 16 with Firearms Licence The Car Park as you enter the field is a SAFETY ZONE No testing of any weapon type i...
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    Field Fee: $5 Time: 9.30 Jul 2nd - Tophouse Battlezone (new field) Jul 9th – Armageddon - Mthly Swap Meet Jul 16th - Dovedale Jul 23rd - Happy Valley Clay will be running a normal game day at Rabbit Island (not just a large VC).
  10. Hi all! I am new to Airsoft and I am located in Ellerslie, Auckland. Are there any active Airsoft clubs or members in the area (as I don't have a car)? I would like to meetup and have a few games if so. I currently have a WE Hi-capa 5.1 w/ "Potato masher" compensator GBB pistol and have ordered a full set of tactical gear which is on it's way. Looking forward to replies!
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  12. Hello, what will field fee be? Start and end times approx? Safe to assume no food or lodging provided this time around. Cheers
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    This is the 2nd installment in thegreat battle for Hokistan. Eventinfo: Date:18-20/08/2017 24+hrs of milsim CQB MORE INFO HERE ON ASNZ:
  14. Recommended National FPS Rules FPS Limits A weapon firing 350 FPS (1.13 Joules) or under has no M.E.D A weapon firing from 351 FPS up to 420 FPS (1.63 Joules) has a 10m M.E.D A weapon firing from 420 FPS up to 600 FPS (3.33 Joules) has a 20m M.E.D No weapon may fire over 600 FPS. Gun Class Restrictions Pistols can fire up to a maximum of 350 FPS (1.13 Joules). SEGs, GBB rifles and shotguns can fire up to a maximum of 420 FPS (1.63 Joules). Single action rifles can fire up to a maximum of 600 FPS (3.33 Joules). Field Types Clubs can designate any field 'CQB' field. Any field designated a CQB field has a 350 FPS limit. Any field designated an Open field had a 600 FPS limit. All rifles must be measured using joules. FPS measured on .2 gram BBs. Ammunition used is to be of plastic properties. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- All combat inside buildings is designated CQB and only sub 350fps weapons can be used. For the open field aspect ASNZ guidelines apply.
  15. ASNZ Assault FPS limit which is 420fps IIRC.
  16. Hey guys! Next club day is on the 2nd of July. Gaming will start at 10am (as voted at our recent AGM). So please get to CZ around 9.30 so you're all ready to play @ 10am. All New guns will be chronoed. All Other guns will be subjected to random chronoing over time. Hot weapons will not be allowed on the field. Field fee of $10, Paid to Field Owner Brian. Club guns available. Hire fee of $10 for club gun and 450rds of ammo for the day. Additional ammo is $5 for a extra 450rds. Game fee of $10 if you aren't a member and have played more than two games. Coming: Plague Maybe: Coming NON-DAC members (max 8): Club Guns: 3 left
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    All welcome This is a themed game day based on USA vs Russia, all people will be split into teams based on uniform and weapons used (as much as possible) Would be really cool to see lots of peeps in loadouts for the theme. We would love to see new players and will look after you in our ranks. 2 X games with lunch break in between Come put your battlefield skills to the test and have great fun doing it. Gates open 8.30am Game starts 10am Finish 3.00pm Field fee $30- (member discounts conditions apply) Hire guns, mask and ammo $20 Hot lunch and cool drink $5 book on day Membership $30 and great discounts to members Cash only no eftpos on site 8.30am - Gates Open 10.00am - Game 1 : Take the eagles nest game Rules of play TAKE THE EAGLES NEST Defending team starts in any WHERE IN the DEFENSIVE section , they must try and stop the attacking team from getting to eagles nest, once \"HIT\" they must return to the bus on eagles nest, touch it and then they must return to...
  18. What kind of FPS can DMRs do?
  19. I will ask the question
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    TWO GAMES POLLED FOR 17/18th JUNE!Make sure your polling reflects what your gonna do! Don't want to turn up to less players than are polled! I will make the call on thisone Friday Night. TIME: From 5.30pm FIELD FEE: $15 JOULE LIMIT: 1.13 MINIMUM PLAYERS: 10 Please poll acuratly on both this and the Moutere poll!
  21. кризис с видом на море (VID NA MORE CRISIS) Background: Seaview is a coastal town located in what is now known as the contested zone in the nation of Hokistan. Hokistan gained autonomy after the dissolution of the USSR in 1991 but remained firmly under Russian influence. As the global resource crisis peaked in the second decade of the 21st century previously untapped oil reserves became hotly contested. Rusoil initially gained exclusive rights to once looked over reserves of Hokistan. In 2015 an American backed insurgency managed to destabilise the largest oil producing region “Seaview” to the point that the Hokistani government lost control and the UN was forced to intervene and enforce a ceasefire. A de jure Government for the autonomous zone granted Excelsior exclusive access to its oil rights. The UN is obliged to respect both corporations’ interests under the TGP Agreement. Rusoil and Excelsior have both employed private security companies to secure their interests in Seaview. Situation: Employees of G4D or RSS Group are charged with securing Pipeline Monitoring Stations to ensure continued flow of crude oil to their respective employer’s reservoirs. As part of this they are expected to secure the surrounding area and hinder their opposition’s ability to operate whenever possible. Each PMC will be paid via wire transfer for each barrel successfully delivered and a bonus may be paid for any subsequent actions required by the employer. Due to the UN enforced ceasefire delivery of small arms, munitions and other logistics is unable to be maintained through the client’s logistics operations. All PMC are to source logistics locally after deployment into the contested zone. Medical support will be provided by the teams own resources. Key points - Players will have the option to play in squads of five with G4D (US/UK/Commonwealth uniform) or RSS Group (RU/EU uniform). - Commanders will be handpicked by the event staff. - Commanders will be responsible for commanding their team, meeting objectives and maintaining the logistics for their team to win. - There will be no bases, teams will sleep and eat (if they can) in the buildings they can hold.
  22. Hey guys, HeMek asked a very pertinent question about bringing your own ammo. ---------------------------------- The event supplies .25s but we cant factor in your supplied .30s and your commander will just have to specifically order that weight for you guys from the Bratva. Cost will still be the same entry wise though. When you go through the admin bull ring we chrono you with the event supplied .25s as the chrono will be set up for that weight. Just a tip, make a witness mark on your hop settings so you can reset your hop. We wind the hops back to nothing so we don't get dodgy players cranking them right down to pinch the BB and stop it coming out the barrel at full velocity. As long as your weapon fires sub 350fps on .20 you are gtg no matter what weight you want to run in the event. There is an option for 420fps rifles but it cant be used for room combat, only outside in the open areas. Same thing for Snipers. Snipers are also allowed to bring their own BBs if they are tuned for a specific type/weight and it's just a case of the commander ordering it for them. ----------------------------------- Snipers, DMRs etc. You can bring any weight you want. We have budgeted for everyone to use .25 so there's no discount for it but we will accommodate you. You'll need to supply your ammo in bags of 200 (50 for Snipers) and from there we will allocate it a NSN and your commanders will order it for you. The way it works is this: Commanders should constantly be checking ammo states of the players or proactive players will notify their commander that they are running low. Commander will contact the Bratva, the Hokistani mafia and place an order. The Bratva will charge the teams account the cost of the ammo/supplies and deliver it inside of 2 hours normally. A couple of factors there: does the team have the funds to make the purchase? What happens if the other team ambushes the exchange? Commanders can request a balance of accounts which will be current to the last hour from the EVCON Ammo is free game up until it is in a magazine or grenade. That means that the RSS could ambush G4Ds resupply and take all their ammo. Commanders need to plan accordingly.
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  25. Hey Xavman You're definitely spoiled for choice in Wellington, a few clubs to choose from all with different game styles so shop around and find the play style ya like. Biggs
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    NO GAME 11th JUNE!!! TIME: 10am FIELD FEE: $5 JOULE LIMIT: 1.13 Time to return to Moutere. Greg the owner (now legally on paper) has informed me the field is ours to dowith as we please. He is not planning to do anything with it so he's effectively handed it over to us. We can build as we see fit, but please no tyres or dumping anything there! FOR THOSE THAT HAVEN'T BEEN THERE: Moutere is a small CQB field that gives a good mix of gameplay with native tree's and bush.It is CQB restricted due to the size of the field. NOTE it is subject to change. Suggestions and other people to run games are welcome. Got an out of town event PM me. UPCOMING GAMES: Jun 18th - Moutere CQB Jun 25th – Rabbit Island Jul 2nd - NEW FIELD Rotoiti Jul 9th – Armageddon - Mthly Swap Meet
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    This is the 2nd installment in the great battle for HokistanEvent info:Date:18-20/08/201724+hrs of milsim CQBMore info to follow so book this in to your calendar
  28. Love the three tags for this thread
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