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  2. sadly a gun
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  4. Thanks for the replies, does feel a little ghost town like haha. Will have a look on Facebook :-)
  5. You may be better asking on FB mate, not a lot of the guys use the asnz site anymore unfortunately.
  6. Hey Alex, Good intro. I came over from the dark side as well about 10 years ago. Its really nice not having to strip and clean all my kit every game. Plus a bag of rounds are a hell of a lot cheaper than a box of paint. In terms of the clubs - The last operational elements of WRM and 232 have been rolling together for some time, so mostly single point of contact there. Easy. I've sent you a PM with some more details, but no reason you cant check out all the clubs in the area (there are a couple more/ish around as well) Cheers,
  7. Hello World.... Name: Alex (Gibs) Age: 30's Current Location: Lower Hutt, Wellington Personality: reasonably competitive, easy going, get on with most people and not a huge fan of politics… Born: Wellington Right, so I have some experience with this type of sport/hobby, just not using Airsoft guns. I have played Paintball on/off for the last 14 years in all its forms from Scenario Games to Competitive Tournaments, however am now feeling a little over it and ready for a change of environment. I was also a member of the NZ Territorial Force (Infantry) for roughly five years. While much time has passed I still like to think some of that knowledge has stuck with me haha. From what I can gather there are three groups in Wellington (WRM, 232 and WMA) and I guess I am not sure which one will be best suited to me and/or will allow me to join.... Ultimately what I am looking for is a balance of activities within Airsoft (skills, tactical scenarios and good old shootouts). While I like the idea of "hard-core" tactical scenarios having been in the military I don't really want to get back to doing that every weekend…….However, the occasional 24/48hr scenario, sure count me in! In terms of gear, I basically have nothing at this point. It’s not a matter of not being able to buy everything, its more what to buy and what brands to keep an eye out for. So I guess initially getting some advice around gear would be helpful. Anyway, hopefully I haven’t rambled on for too long and if anyone has advice on which club would fit what I am looking for please post below. Regards, A
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    COST: $10 ORGANISER: Sam (Mule) MINIMUM NUMBER: 8 Players Sam's running a game day while the rest of us are at Hoki. He's promised some games you've never seen before so get out and shoot em up!
  10. 10 Days to go ! 76 Registrations are already in. Registration has been extended though food is no longer an option for late entrys as we have placed that order.
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    COST: $15 JOULE LIMIT: 1.14 FIRST GAME: 1030 NO CLUB GUNS AVAILABLE! A group of nine is travelling from Blenheim to see how awesome we are! So if you need one beg and borrow off another NAC member!
  12. What's up guys, Out of the fire that was Wanganui Airsoft Battalion has come Tactical Group MilSim Whanganui. I'm looking for new group members who ar ekeen to join or rejoin a club in the Whanganui and surrounding areas. The name of the group is not set in concrete nor is the fact I've tried starting it making me primary rep, although for now I will be. So, if you're keen to get some action, we have a number of possible fields (which we were lacking to start with a few years back as WAB), the main one being Ground Zero Paintball Field on Heads Road. Please feel free to email me on or call/text on 022 4629177 and ask for Rog or leave a message. We have a page on facebook, just search up the current name of the club and be sure to like, comment and share! I only have three guns to start off with, two rifles and a pistol, so it's quite important that you have one of your own or can borrow one to start with. Let's get this show on the road again everyone! ~Roger 'Wulfe' Whiteside
  13. what gear would u need to be able to attend this event?
  14. would like to have joined this one, sadly i haven't quiet got my gear sorted for my return. just make sure there is one next year
  15. Hey Joe, Other than the grenade rule posted it will be standard CQB rules of 350 FPS / 1.14 Joules and a max rate of fire or 25 rps.
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    COST: $5 WHEN: 9.30 BOOK GUNS WITH: Clay/Quade ABLE COMPANY are making the trip for a day out at Dovedale, come out and make em feel athome.
  17. Are there weapon rules anywhere?
  18. I've updated that for you.
  19. Yo i have paid the full amount, but I think I put no food on my two form. I do want food thanks. Looking forward to a awesome event!
  20. One week to go before registration closes ! To the 55 twisted individuals that have got their entrys sorted, well done. What are the rest of you waiting for ?
  21. I'm in
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    WHEN: 9.30 to about 1030 Annual general meeting. This is where you vote in the next committee with nominations being able to be made a few weeks out (info to come). Willbe held before Rabbit Island gameon site. Any questions fire away.
  23. Hey guys! Next club day is on the 25th of Feburary. Gaming will start at 10am (as voted at our recent AGM). So please get to CZ around 9.30 so you're all ready to play @ 10am. All New guns will be chronoed. All Other guns will be subjected to random chronoing over time. Hot weapons will not be allowed on the field. Field fee of $10, Paid to Field Owner Brian. Club guns available. Hire fee of $10 for club gun and 450rds of ammo for the day. Additional ammo is $5 for a extra 450rds. Game fee of $10 if you aren't a member and have played more than two games. Coming: Plague Shane Wilson Maybe: Coming NON-DAC members (max 8): Club Guns: 1 left Mark Watters Shane Wilsons +1 Keith Huckle
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    COST: $5 WHEN: 9.30 - Games Start 1030 NO CLUB GUNS AVAILABLE! Large group giving airsoft a go from AWOL paintball so if you need a gun, beg, borrow from another NAC member. We will have skirmish gamingfollowed by a large VC.
  25. Task Force 33 is a Christchurch based, SATG (Special Air soft Training Group) comprised of likeminded hard working MILSIM players.TF33 is about learning new skills that they can use to improve in their gaming while expanding and creating a higher level of play for themselves and others around them.Monthly games at McLean’s Island in Christchurch and regular 24/48 hour MILSIM events.We have access to a vast area with multiple felids combining:Open bases, CQB, Light bush and green fields Our motto- Lead the wayVisit for more info
  26. 17 days until registration closes on the 28th. If you still haven't registered click on the link below NOW !…/1o-fwPS7sn_YtWaW7rNGHZnEEp-LVpccH… This is the one and only registration form. Payments can also be made to : 38-9017-0519037-00 Remember to use you ASNZ name for the reference.
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    COST: $5 WHEN: 9.30 JOULE LIMIT: 1.14 BOOK GUNS WITH: Clay Time fora romp on the best little CQB bush field around! WARNING: Do not take wills road to get there!
  28. Coming.
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