• Wellington Milsim Airsoft

    Welcome to Wellington Milsim Airsoft
    We a new group/club dedicated to advancing and enjoying milsim war-gaming in the greater Wellington area.

    We aim to work as cohesive elements by utilizing group training in various techniques; these include squad movement, patrolling, contact drills and marksmanship. Most of our “game” types will revolve around objectives rather than continuous engagements, as these will help to continue our training.

    Members of the group treat each other as they would like to be treated, with respect and dignity. Honesty is a key requirement from each member, and the ability to take direction and to take criticism is also needed. A sense of humour is also a really good thing to have, we all do this for fun after all. WMA is currently recruiting and we are happy to have new members any time. If anyone would like more information about WMA or just wants to try out Airsoft in a fun and safe environment, please feel free to contact Nighthawk or Wolverinenz.

    When WMA was formed, we agreed to adopt a charity to support, our primary charity has been The Child cancer Foundation. Last year we helped raise over $12.000 for them and will continue to beat this figure this year. Members have been involved with street appeals and manning the zombie outbreak in the Wellington Railway station over Halloween. We have also been involved in the Zombie run event which is a themed event held to raise money for the DOC and the SPCA. WMA is always open to other clubs helping out with these great events as its a great way to promote Airsoft and help a worthy cause!

    Primary Rep: Muel

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