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    Taranaki Airsoft Rangers

    Welcome to Taranaki Airsoft Rangers

    Taranaki Airsoft Rangers (TAR) is a rapidly growing Airsoft club. 

    Our club is made up of like-minded members from all walks of life. Our members age in range from their mid-teens to their mid-forties and they game with integrity and respect for all players. It is our aim to have an action packed and fun experience that everyone can enjoy.

    Our club events are held fortnightly, when weather permits, and alternate between full day (10am – 4pm) and half day (12pm – 4pm) games. Our battlefield is 29 acres of privately owned farmland at the foot of Mount Taranaki in Midhirst. 

    If you want to try out the sport but don’t have any gear don’t worry, at your first game you can borrow a club gun, mask and goggles, all you will have to pay for is some BBs (which we will supply), if you want attend further games you're welcome to continue using club gear for a small fee.

    Anyone interested in knowing more about our club can visit our website: www.airsoftrangers.nz.

    You can also check us out on YouTube and Facebook

    Primary Rep: Jackayl

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