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  • Airsoft Auckland

    Welcome to the fastest growing and biggest club in the country with over 100 members

    Airsoft Auckland is the club to join in Auckland. We have an event running almost every weekend and regularly get a turn out of over 80 players. We use over 12 different fields with a variety of terrain from bush to disused industrial sites spread all over Auckland, from Onehunga to Hellensville. These fields included bunkers trenches and other objects to enhance the playing environment and ensure the field always holds a surprise We became an official incorporated society in mid 2007 and have since become more than just an Airsoft Club but a group of mates.

    We have a high standard in safety and provide regular, quality gaming from casual to military simulation.
    If you are new to the sport we would love to see you out on the field and show you what airsoft is all about. We provide an induction and training, we have loan guns and eye protection so no gear is required, just a fun attitude. If you are visiting from outside of Auckland we would equally like to have you along.
    In April 2009 we started up a monthly team league which has been a great success with a number of team joining. This has turned airsoft from a game into a sport and enhanced the game play of all ASA events not just NOMAD.

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