• We are the primary communication hub of Airsoft in New Zealand. It is here that people from clubs all around the country that play airsoft discuss the sport, the rules involved, their latest "toy", when the next major event is etc. If you are new to Airsoft then welcome! You have come to the right place!

    Feel free to ask questions about our sport and how its run here in New Zealand. You should hopefully find the other players are helpful and welcoming. Please keep in mind, questions relating to importing/purchasing/modifying/repairing Airsoft Rifles, we request you address to a club. ASNZ member clubs use an armourer system, these people have been assigned the task of handling questions like this. They are the most appropriate people to address these questions to, to ensure New Zealand law and best practise is adhered to.

    What are the advantages to our club or society becoming a member of ASNZ?

    By getting your club or society to join ASNZ, your club and all your individual members will gain perks and access to more games, events and financial benefits than by remaining

    Examples include:

    • Free forum and website hosting for your club or society
    • Access to the yearly Nationals event and other national games
    • To compete for and win trophies and prizes
    • The ability to bulk order BBs at reduced cost
    • Incorporated members are able to vote on and influence national policy
    • Gain support to improve your clubs operations with well tested policies, rules, how to documents, tax exemption assistance
    • To be a part of a growing collective of other groups all wanting to foster, improve and grow the sport of airsoft